Tuesday, December 4, 2012


One more quick post before heading off to Miami.

I present the four best pre-deconstruction images from the shoot with my latest sculpture.  The sculpture was formed from the model Alma (who was also the female in my latest drawing series . . . she had dreads back then), a 23 year old model, who I found very hard to read.  I never could tell how she was feeling, as if she herself didn't know how.  What I liked about her was her curiosity and soft demeanor, and her body was pretty fantastic.  Should I admit to you that this was the first female model I felt curious about sexually?

'Gawkward' coo the chorus of homosexuals.

Thanks Alma for a great sitting.  Best of luck in graduate school.

winter is coming

As the weather turned mild here in New York, I was inspired to share these photos that I shot this past summer.  I am in the process of printing them in large and small sizes.

Saturday, December 1, 2012

studio visit: narcissus no more

I think it might be finished.  Going to let it dry and collect a few days of dust and decide on Tuesday.  Edit the next morning: it's not quite done, but almost there!