Friday, February 24, 2012

this is the beginning of the end

I only have three more days working with the model on the figurative sculpture. A week from Monday a new model will arrive who will enchant us with another pose.

My sculpture process during this time has mostly been about shapes and balance. I've changed the legs and arms three times. They were either too big or too small. The supporting arm had to be moved around about twenty times. And I still haven't gotten around to truly working on the details, like how am I going to form her va-jay-jay?

With each turn of the model you see something that wasn't there before. The shape under the shoulder, formed by the rib cage and the arm, or the isosceles triangle that the supporting arm and back create aren't exactly right. You have to pile on clay or scrap it off, amending the figure step by step. Our teacher Barney said that once you stop finding mistakes to fix, you know you're finished.

Some mistakes will remain present. For instance, in relation to my armature, I made my scale too small, so that out of her arms and legs pop pieces of metal as if she were a cyborg or involved in a strange sacrificial accident. Forgive me, I will not be casting this sculpture. But, how about those results of me sculpting her face? Let's hope I can fix the image that comes to my mind currently: the homeless guy that pops out from behind the Winkie's dumpster in the movie Mulholland Drive.

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