Friday, February 10, 2012

this is the new model

My head has calmed down. It might have something to do with a touch of familiarity...and that there is no longer a naked penis attached to a beautiful boy close by.

Art, like life, is about unfolding. You start with something raw and frenetic and eventually you mold it into your idea of perfection. There is no answer to life. There is just an unfolding of ideas and experiences. Fuck all. Just be open to deleting and adding and getting as close to perfection as possible...whatever that means.

Here is a progression of three two-hour days of work on the new model. She is a beautiful black woman with hardly any fat on her body so we're really able to see how her bones function. You can see how the sculpture comes alive. I have three more weeks to get her the way I see her reflected. Is that how it works?

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