Friday, March 9, 2012

this is the beginning

I couldn't sleep last night.

On Wednesday I met my painting teacher Frank O'Cain. He introduced himself by saying, "If you need my help, let me know. Otherwise, I'm going to think you know what you're doing and leave you alone."

After deliberating on what I would create, I decided to sketch my totem for March. Frank came around and said, make it bigger, fill the page. I did. Yesterday I debated on painting this sketch. I danced between the school art store and the studio. Then after finding out that our class would have a group showing at the end of the month, and that our paintings could be no larger than 24" x 36", I bought that size, the largest I could. And I began.

It's only a start, but after looking again and again at this photograph I took with my phone, my voice is emerging. This excitement is intoxicating. Who needs sleep?

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