Friday, August 17, 2012

The Two Weeks Project

I'm giving myself a little project beginning this Sunday and ending on Saturday, September 1.

I returned to sculpt a week and a half ago to get new inspiration for a new painting.  I found that it didn't go as well as I would have liked.  Plus the painting that was supposed to be inspired by Sherry (The Great and Powerful) also hasn't been going well.  But instead of whining, I want to take a break from the sculpture paintings and do something completely different.

A new mini-project every day until school starts again (with a two-day break).  I want to try and make something from what I have . . . either at home, or at my desk at work.  I will turn everything I create into a print and display them in the fall as a celebration of creation and my life as an artist.  A fall harvest, a coming out party, a reinvention.

Of course I'll continue the sculpture paintings until the end of Winter 2013 (maybe beyond) but I'm hoping this Project will keep me focused and refraining from depression, which loves to cuddle me.

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