Thursday, April 12, 2012

pauses of perusal: the whitney biennial part two

The only other part of the 2012 Biennial I thought necessary to share were the sculptures of Vincent Fecteau. At first glance, I thought the four pieces were typical amorphous sculptures. The color drew me closer and upon inspection I found the objects dancing in front of me like titanic amoebas covered in Easter egg dye. I was transfixed with the architectural yet organic feel of the sculptures. I wanted to run my fingers along the grooves and inside passages. They were both figures and places . . . so exhilarating and very hard to walk away from. So I took photos and then they just became flat objects I could carry with me. Writing this makes me want to revisit. I learned from the museum description that Vincent starts with the figurative, and after some heavy reworking, and casting, and reworking, and painting, his pieces are born. I'm having a little boy crush right now.

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