Tuesday, April 17, 2012

this is the start of my new painting

I've only really worked on it for three or four days.  It's big....five feet by four feet.  It doesn't intimidate me, but it does feel slightly overwhelming.  And not only that, it's hypnotizing.  I love the ghost outlines I've made next to the head and I fear losing that piece of brilliance.  Happy accidents.  And I love the black and white, but an addition to the palette keeps swimming in my forethoughts.  My intuition led me to make the black area.  I trusted it and that part feels right, but it also made me make that marking next to the crook in the arm above.  And I kind of hate that.  But maybe it wasn't the painting or my intuition speaking to me.  Maybe it was me just reaching or rushing.  Now what I'm trying not to be is ambivalent because ambivalence will kill an artist.  For now I just live with it and watch it and listen.

And wait.

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