Friday, April 20, 2012

pauses of perusal: woman asleep at a table (this is reassurance)

I've been thinking that the dark area in my new painting might be a problem. I want to paint a sort of matrix over it in another color. My mentor told me that would be a problem. He said I could use white, and then paint on top of that with the new color (red). He also said the red would turn brown in 50 years, and then proceeded to tell me I'd probably be dead by then anyway so who cares.

Today I went to the Met, which I've grown to love simply because of its amazing modern art collection in juxtaposition to a wonderful array of world art history, and landed upon Picasso's Woman Asleep at a Table. The only thing that struck me was the use of white over black and vice versa. Who cares if you can see it. It's wonderful actually, to see the artist's plight and his use of layers. While I'm not a huge Pablo fan, he just received a couple of points from me today.

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