Friday, May 18, 2012

de Kooning's stopping by later

I had to shout my love to the world:

And from the ashes,
I'll attempt to rise again.
I die for my new painting.

It's done.  I even signed it, but you can't see it really in the's in black...and smudged.  I hope one day you'll see it in person.

This one...I'm calling him The Rise of Lazarus (Gustavo de Kooning) is really my first true painting.  I think my "first painting" was really a study.  This one was a journey.  And I remember almost every step.  To have it complete makes me see the true intention of art, which is ineffable.  If words had to be put into its mouth, it's like your insides being readjusted while your brain and heart hum together and attempt to recreate the dial tone chord.

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