Tuesday, May 29, 2012

this is another view of fire island


I've never been great at socializing.  My parents didn't really do much of it, so perhaps it's something innate, my introversion.  Large groups intimidate me, and one of my best friends, who hosted me this weekend at his house on Fire Island, is just the opposite.  He loves having parties and going to parties and meeting tons of new people.  I've actually stayed at his house before and left the party because I just couldn't do it--social anxiety at its best--and walked around the island until it was over.

This weekend though, I brought an accessory.  I don't think that suffices in describing him.  Perhaps life line might be better.  When he was around, I did the larger parties and spoke more easily to new people and it felt good to socialize.  I could be myself because he likes me for myself.  Myself being a extremely weirder character than my appearance might suggest.  That's me.  Nerdy, strange, shy, but when you get to know me, kind and loyal. 

And it was nice to be able to stay at my best friend's party and share it with not only him but also my new favorite person.  We sat in the sun one afternoon and I made a fast pastel.  I also drew him while he napped.  We were both sunburned later that day.

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