Monday, May 21, 2012

this is the new painting

She just needs to be shown in better light.  Edit May 23: I've actually decided that this painting is not quite finished.  I think she needs a bit more structure to her face in relation to the bottom portion of the painting, which I find ethereal and harmonious.  Until she's finished, I will leave you with her name: Our Lady of Navigators (Pigeon).  Most people think this image is decapitated, limbless, gruesome, and while this may be true from some perspectives, I believe she's being put back together again through cleansing.  I think the title might help with this idea.  And, as a digression, I believe that these paintings are a series of self-portraits.  Perhaps the last one will be an image inspired by my own person, as opposed to my spirit, which is reflected in all the models that I sculpt and then mold into a new shape and finally formed into a new role on canvas.  I keep harping on my process because I believe it to be a good one, a brave one, a patient one.  This process to me is art itself.  The paintings are just the residue.

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